The top 3 benefits of a content calendar

As nonprofits start developing an online presence, they should look into simple measures to make sure all efforts are as organized as possible. With the Internet comes website management, online payment processing servicesdonation forms, social media and so much more. Ensuring all efforts are planned and executed properly will be important.

One of the aspects of online fundraising and marketing that can get lost is content creation. Websites, social media and blogs all rely on fresh, relevant content to share with followers. The best way to attract new donors is by creating shareable content and writing moving copy that will help people relate to and support the cause. But content often gets put on the back​ burner because there are so many other details to work on. Luckily a content calendar can help nonprofits better manage their online copy and information and have a successful presence on the Internet. Here are three benefits to starting a content calendar for the organization:

1. To make use of all technology
Nonprofit Quarterly writes that organizations are investing in payment processing solutions, online marketing solutions and a wide range of other tools. While all incredibly useful, technology needs attention and a cohesive approach. If nonprofits don't have a content plan and aren't attracting as many donors as they may be able to, the investments and efforts elsewhere become useless and expensive.

2. Helps fully develop creative initiatives
Simply put, creating content on a busy schedule at the last minute doesn't allow for creative genius most of the time. Plan posts out ahead of time to make sure they are fully developed and executed appropriately.

3. Creates foresight and a balance of content
Additionally, nonprofits will be able to organize a balanced content schedule for the future that will benefit the cause's online presence. If creators are not able to spend much time on content marketing, they may not notice that they are only writing blog posts and not incorporating studies, fun statuses or the latest news about the organization.

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