The dilemma of finding new donors

Every nonprofit must develop a reliable donor base - one it can return to at least each year to ask for the funding to keep its mission and cause going. However, going back to the same well over and over again can deplenish this resource and old standby donors could become irate if you solely depend on them for your operating budget. You could see the usual donations coming through your online fundraising tools diminishing. This is why it's vital to always be looking for new sources of funding.

Finding new donors might seem difficult. Obviously, you don't want to spend all of your time chasing after them, but a successful nonprofit can't put all its eggs in one basket so to speak.

It's going to take some time
One reason why your organization probably depends on past donors for money is that they already believe in your group and its cause. While you need to keep them in the loop, recognize and laud their contributions to your nonprofit, you must also cultivate new relationships. 

Introducing your organization and telling new people what you're all about takes time if you want to develop a meaningful, long-lasting relationship with new donors. According to The Fundraising Coach, a nonprofit needs to treat its approach to new contributors organically. It's not enough to just give a quick sales pitch. 

Tell them your story
One strategy is to look for supporters first and try to convert them into donors. If people from the public are interested in your organization, then answer their questions without bringing numbers or financing into the conversation, The Fundraising Coach advised. Tell them about your nonprofit's goals and especially what it is about the group that inspires people to either work for it or give toward it. 

Remember that telling a compelling story about your organization, its history and the importance of your work is crucial to interesting and attracting new donors. Nonprofit Quarterly noted a nonprofit's website is one of its greatest forms of communication for obtaining new donors. You're able to tell the public your organization's story in your own words and you can use it to build and market your nonprofit's brand. 

Finding new donors is all about creating meaningful relationships with the public along with taking your message to the people both literally and virtually

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