The 2016 Christian Leadership Alliance National Conference aims to provide perspective

This year, The Christian Leadership Alliance will host its 40th national conference. The heads of the event were happy to promote the biblical connections to the number 40 and how it is often associated with generations in Christian theology. The 2016 event has been given the title of The Outcomes Conference and the theme will be perspectives.

As multiple organizations and generations of Christian leadership come together in Dallas, Texas, beginning on April 18 and concluding on April 20, the four-day event will provide a chance for people to share their viewpoints, successes and advice. iATS Payments will be in attendance to speak on our products and strategies and how they can help provide the resources necessary for every Christian nonprofit to run their organization according to their own perspective.

Multiple views on similar goals
Many Christian organizations share common viewpoints and goals. Their values and missions stem from a central source of theology and belief system. Each Christian leader, however, faces unique obstacles and challenges in the daily operation of their organization.

Whether a Christian nonprofit leader needs to catch up with technology or wants to expand their outreach around the world, the 2016 Outcomes conference will provide speakers, workshops and other information resources to sample new ideas and learn from the successes and setbacks of peers. Presenters at the four-day event include the heads of Christian universities, global organizations and theological educators. Attendees will have a chance to listen to unique, interactive presentations or speak with experts one on one during social events.

Attendees have a choice to attend through the Workshop Experience, which offers devotional activities, general sessions, workshops and exhibit halls, or the Academic Experience, which includes the same and allows guests to sample the Christian Leadership Alliance class environment. The Academic Experience also includes special meetups and social events.

iATS Payments' perspective
In the exhibit hall, attendees can speak with iATS Payment representatives to discuss how payment processing technology and strategies fit into future goals. Christian leaders have many demands and challenges to keep in mind, so discussing finances with experts in specific fundraising procedures can provide a unique point of view on resource management.

If organization leaders want a different perspective on how iATS Payments can help nonprofits, the exhibit hall will also host a variety of current clients and partners, including Hope International and DonorDirect. By speaking with software providers, industry experts and nonprofit peers, Christian leaders can learn how our technology services help organizations meet their goals.

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