Testing techniques to ensure effective donation forms

If nonprofits invest in online payment processing services to increase gifts on the company website, they will have to make sure to use effective donation forms. Just like any marketing or fundraising efforts, organizations can test their donation forms to make sure they have every detail just right. Trying new ideas and employing successful tactics while throwing out poor methods will help nonprofits understand how to formulate the perfect online donation request. Offering the best option will improve the donor's experience and increase the number of people who give on the charity's website.

In order to not waste time and money on the project, nonprofits should have a plan for how to test their donation forms and act accordingly. Here are four tips to get started:

1. Start with length
While asking for all necessary information, try a new length for the Web page as well as the form itself. Donors will want to give and be on their way, meaning organizations shouldn't ask for any irrelevant information. Try a simple, shorter layout and different "Donate" button placements.

2. Photos versus no photos
Some nonprofits find a photograph makes the form much more appealing and offers an emotional connection for givers while others find it an unnecessary detail. Using a photo depends on the donor demographic and may be a huge success or a big problem.

3. Placement options
DonorDigital, a nonprofit marketing organization, pointed out that some charities are even putting their donation forms as the homepage of the website. This may work or it may not depending on the type of nonprofit. But it may be worth a try to see how givers react to different placements.

4. Utilize volunteer for tests
Instead of losing potential donors during the testing process, make sure to ask volunteers or other nonprofit workers to test out the different options and explain why they liked them or did not like them.

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