Technology teams are increasing in nonprofits

As the need for nonprofits to better understand their data and technology processes, the number of data employees is increasing across the country. There is a need for organizations to take control of their online fundraising tools, Internet marketing strategies and data management. Recent research by the Nonprofit Technology Network shows that nonprofits are investing more into their data teams, with many reassessing their strategies and budgets for the fiscal year. There is a large need for many organizations to handle their online strategy and make data a larger part of the fundraising process.

The 2014 Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments Report showed that this year, the average number of technology-related staff members was 4.4, with this team serving approximately 30 organizational members. When compared to last year's numbers, there has been an increase this year in this type of nonprofit worker. Additionally, the average percentage of the budget that goes towards technology is between 1 and 2.2 percent. Approximately 750 people from various types and sizes of nonprofits took part in this research, showing that there is an increase in technology staff members across the spectrum of charity organizations.

It's no secret that there is a good amount of donations to be made with the Internet realm, and conquering online fundraising requires the right online donation tools and qualified employees. There are no good shortcuts; investing the time and money is the best way to work towards a smarter fundraising plan and garnering the attention the cause truly deserves. If organizations purchase high-quality online payment processing solutions, they will want to make sure it works to the best of its ability to help the nonprofit grow and garner the funds necessary to keep it running successfully.

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