Team up with TEDx to bring expertise to fundraising

Online donation pages are only successful if donors are engaged with the organization online and encouraged to contribute through digital efforts and awareness campaigns. Because digital platforms offer significant opportunities to share information rapidly across vast geographic locations and populations, it is an ideal medium for increasing awareness for charities on a tight budget. Online donation pages are optimized when they include video and audio content that connect audiences with expert information and first-hand testimonials on how the charity is making a difference or more in-depth knowledge about the cause being addressed.

Some of the popular tools many nonprofit websites are investing in are webinars and webcasts.These bring together volunteers, advocates and industry experts to discuss certain causes, efforts and campaigns in progress with viewers. The information and expertise provided in these digital discussions will inform donors of how change can be accomplished and inspire donations from a convenient online portal.

Partner with TED
TEDx is part of TED's mission to spread information worldwide through cost-efficient portals and stimulate discussion about important topics to spur action. TEDx works with organizations to host webinars and online discussions that bring live presentations and panels to individuals through easy video sharing. The organization works with charities to prepare short demonstrations or talks on a wide range of subjects that aim to provoke academic and innovative discussion on ways to make a difference in the community. The webinars are then free online on the TEDx website, and can be posted on individual organization donation pages as well, further spreading new ideas and concepts in the digital sphere.

The TEDxDeExtinction Event, for example, is a public forum hosted by the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C., to discuss the latest scientific innovations currently working to bring extinct species back to life and the impacts it will have on modern society. Revive & Restore is organizing the event and will introduce experts in the field to both a live audience as well as online viewers interested in learning more about the topic. The public forum will be available on the TEDx website as well as the National Geographic Society site, and aims to create awareness for environmental issues being addressed by the organization.

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