Support donation pages with online video content

Many nonprofit organizations are optimizing their online donation pages with video footage to engage donors and increase awareness. Taking advantage of digital platforms, charities use video to increase fundraising support by reaching a wider audience of donors with emotionally impactful media content that connects individuals to the organization's cause. Because pictures are worth 1,000 words, video content adds a unique, eye-catching communication tool that relays descriptive information to international audiences in a cost-effective way.

Video suggestions
Video content placed on organization YouTube channels can inspire, inform and engage donors faster and more effectively than pamphlets or other traditional media outlets. To ensure video content is fully optimized on online donation pages and organization websites, nonprofits should consider a few tips laid out by Go Big River. For example, organizations should make sure the video footage tells the audience a story, whether it be about a community in need, a heroic volunteer or how donations are impacting a cause. The video platform enables testimonials to be shared with viewers, creating an environment similar to a face-to-face conversation on the importance of giving.

Furthermore, video content should be socially integrated into an organization's digital strategy. A website and donation page are not enough to fully take advantage of potential online donors. Video content should be shared via social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so more contributions can be collected and stories can be shared worldwide. Because the video footage is available online, it is easily spread across populations at little expense to the nonprofit, the source reported.

Be Here Now leverages video content
Made In A Free World recently launched the Be Here Now video campaign that relays past stories of civil movements against social injustice, such as slavery worldwide. The video footage uses historical context to inspire donations and volunteers to support the freeing of more than 27 million individuals across the globe trapped in a form of slavery. Made In A Free World created a number of videos to describe how past heroes incited social change and the importance of working together to perpetuate these resolutions to persistent injustices.

Online participants can share the videos with friends, family members and colleagues, and use a personalization tool to ensure the message is received and heard by the target audience. The interactive donation page also offers viewers the ability to sign a petition calling lawmakers to increase anti-slavery efforts, boost funding to stop human trafficking and draft legislation for enhanced protection against child sex trafficking. The organization depends on public participation as well as celebrity sponsorship to spread the word of overlooked areas of social injustice to launch a collaborative counter through donations and volunteerism.

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