Social media can help find partners in charity

Nonprofits are not an industry known for overwhelming profits and heavy spending. Securing the success of a charitable foundation is a task that requires a considerable amount of hard work and creativity. It demands a dynamic strategy to not only identify donors, but also to engage with them.

A recent study from Vertical Response, a marketing firm, found that 96 percent nonprofits were including Facebook in their efforts to connect with donors. Seventy-two percent were using Twitter. These numbers, which surpass 2012 findings, suggest social media is becoming increasingly relevant in budgetary conversation, and for good reason. Social media can provide nonprofits with a cheap means of reaching out to new donors, while staying connected to existing ones.

More people to talk to
For many people, donating money to a charity is often a one-time contribution. Nonprofits lose a lot of their donors after their first gifts, so constantly connecting with new potential contributors is vital to success. Social media can act as a gateway to entire audiences that were previously unavailable. It's a great platform in which to start conversations and share updates on projects and events.

As a presence on social media, nonprofits can insert themselves into ongoing conversations relevant to their missions. As they continue to add and contribute, an association will develop between the topic area and the organization's brand. In a way, the exposure helps highlight the foundation's expertise.

Strengthen bonds
In a manner of speaking, donors are the lifeblood of the nonprofit industry. Philanthropy is about relationships, so staying connected with individuals that have expressed a desire to give back is indescribably important. The growing popularity and now near universal use of social media make it the perfect means to stay in touch with existing donors. What's more, social media provides access to contributor's more personal information. These additional details can help build more targeted fundraising campaigns.

Ensure transparency
Cynicism is a real problem faced by nonprofits. Remaining publicly transparent  is important for organizations hoping to attract new donors. Through platforms like Facebook and Twitter, charitable foundations can provide donors with a forum to voice complaints, give feedback or ask questions. Because social media is such a quick tool, nonprofits can quickly respond to all inquiries.

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