September's monthly roundup

Don't miss out on the most popular iATS Payments articles of September - they were informative, enlightening and just plain fun. When it comes to writing about what we know and love in the payment industry, we like to dive into the nitty gritty of how online donation forms and payment options can help a nonprofit gain more followers and offer a simpler giving process. It's all about convenience and speed these days and we encourage nonprofits to stop fooling around. To learn more about the best products and payment options out there, feel free to read up on the following articles:

Infographic: Direct debit capabilities can greatly benefit nonprofits
Learning about better payment options has never been easier, especially if there are fun visuals and organized charts to explain the benefits of automated clearing house (ACH) payments. A total of almost $4.15 trillion were spent using ACH in the U.K. and $9.8 trillion in the U.S. went through direct debit solutions. These two statistics alone speak to the importance of ACH systems and why nonprofits should invest in them moving forward.

What to look forward to at Dreamforce 2014
Dreamforce 2014 is where the payment solutions world shines. Not only is all of iATS Payments excited about this conference, but we're eager to see what technology and innovation the experts are bringing to the plate this year. It is incredible how the professionals in the industry help each other learn more and develop better solutions along the way. And, not to mention, Dreamforce doesn't disappoint in the fun and entertainment department. 

Tips for a strong post-donation landing page
So many nonprofit resources gush about the importance of promotional and marketing measures that will get donors to the website and give money, but not many give enough thought to the post-donation landing pages. What's so special about them? They make the entire giving experience complete. A powerful thank you and further information on how to stay involved will grow a dedicated and willing community of people who support the nonprofit with their money, but with other assets as well.

These articles were viewers' favorites, but they were also some of our favorites as well. A great donation experience, intriguing evidence on why ACH payments are so important and insider info on Dreamforce 2014 will be big are all great topics that need to be covered in this industry. We hope you enjoy as much them as much as we did!

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