Research online auction tools to enhance donation page success

A nonprofit organization has many options when launching a website and online donation page. The increasing number of social channels utilized online is making it easier for charities to connect with potential donors worldwide to drive awareness, visibility and fundraising success.

To take full advantage of all the earning potential available online, nonprofit organizations must stay abreast of the latest trends and solutions making waves in the industry. Fundraisers should research the tools other organizations are leveraging to increase the success of individual campaigns, and find ways to participate in social channels and platforms to generate interest on a limited budget.

One trending tool many charities are implementing to boost their online presence is participation in auctions to drive engagement and donations.

Online auction functionality
Tech Soup discussed a few reliable online auction platforms being used by nonprofit organizations to help raise money and rally support for a cause within a target community. When online auctions are added to a multichannel fundraising campaign, donations are strengthened and long-term success is sustained more effectively. The costs associated with online auction participation are minimal compared to traditional fundraising techniques, underscoring the value of digital platforms to reach wider pools of potential donors and supporters. In fact, several online auction platforms will manage profiles for nonprofits, which relieves administrative burdens when launching a variety of online campaigns at once.

Much like an in-person auction, online auctions allow individuals to bid on items in real-time. Rather than requiring people to attend a gallery or showroom to view items and bid at an event, online auctions open up opportunities for a wider audience able to participate from the comfort of their home or on mobile device. Bidders can browse nonprofit websites and donation pages to gain insight into the cause before placing down money on an item to support the campaign.

Rather than trying to implement a unique online auction platform, consider joining an existing website that will increase donations and drive traffic back to the organization's website. 

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