Reach out to multiple generations with multichannel fundraising approaches

Many charities and nonprofits have found they need to refine their approaches when reaching out to donors of different generations. Some are easier to connect with than others, but organizations have to understand which tactics work best for every online donation request. Determining which tactics will reach every age group helps create and solidify relationships and engage wider audiences in the cause. Surveys show that different age groups donate varying amounts of money, and the medium through which they give is not always the same.

A recent study found that a multichannel promotional approach helps organizations reach donors of different ages. There is a significant gap between older and younger generations' donation patterns and charities can benefit from analyzing which platforms reach specific target audiences. Research of 1,498 donors of all ages showed mature or middle-aged contributors gave 211.30 euros on average, Baby Boomers donated 153.28 euros, Generation X members sent in 166.63 euros and Generation Y donors gave 113. 22 euros. These statistics show mature donors are more loyal to the causes they support. However, younger groups, such as Generation Y, are more likely to volunteer and go to or plan charity events.

Additionally, older generations chose to communicate with nonprofits and charities via traditional mail, while younger generations were most likely to interact with organizations online and via social networks. Twenty-seven percent of Generation Y members followed an organization on social media, with 25 percent sharing a cause's content on social platforms.

"With many years of philanthropic giving still ahead of them and significant giving potential, boomer and gen X donors are now the most valuable to the third sector," the study stated. "This report shows that building an integrated (cross-channel) marketing plan best respects their multichannel predisposition."

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