Publishing valuable content for your nonprofit

Having a variety of content on your nonprofit's website can help expose visitors to valuable information regarding your mission. With quality content, you can illustrate why it is important to make donations and support your organization.

Create a content strategy
The first step to successfully publishing quality content is developing a method and documenting your nonprofit's plan. According to research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 54 percent of professionals in the nonprofit sector do not have a documented content strategy. In addition, 20 percent are unsure whether they do.

Providing guidance is the key value of writing down your nonprofit's strategy. By documenting what you plan to do, you can ensure that everyone understands and is capable of referencing the documented strategy. This can impact the success of your efforts. 

When you are developing your strategy, ensure that you connect and engage your visitors. Know what media is most effective for interesting your primary audience. While you might want to focus your energy on producing more articles or infographics because they are most successful with your donors, do not forget about other ways to communicate with visitors. Post a video or podcast to your site every once in awhile to engage users in a different way.

Connect with visitors by allowing individuals to comment or have a strong call to action at the end of an article or new video you posted. Nonprofit Technology Network also emphasized the importance of answering questions

It is important to know how you will measure the success of your content. Do you want more views to raise awareness or do you want to inspire a greater number of donations? Establish what your nonprofit needs to determine what content to include.

Publish strong posts
As obvious as it sounds, quality content on your nonprofit's website in necessary. You want readers to be engaged in the material and feel compelled to donate or volunteer with your organization. By posting moving and interesting pieces, you can encourage a higher volume of individuals to respond to your call of action.

While providing visitors with new content to read and interact with is important, Business​2Community recommended steering toward quality content over quantity. Your nonprofit might not publish as many articles, videos or other posts, but the work that is posted to your site will reflect your mission and organization better.

Get creative
Creativity plays a significant role in the power of content. With constant access to the Internet and consequently unimaginable amounts of information and content, it is important to stand out. Being unique and focusing your energy on new and different ideas for your content can help you appeal to more potential donors. Consider posting a photo from a volunteer, or create a video that incorporates a pop culture reference. By creating content that is relevant and meaningful you will capture the attention of visitors and your material may potentially go viral. For example, popularized by twitter, #firstworldproblems was a well-known reference. Water is Life created a video that adopted this phrase and reassigned it to raise awareness for its cause.

Developing a content strategy can help your nonprofit reach a wider audience and increase total donations.

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