Preparing IT for online fundraising objectives

As nonprofits begin to plan for their next fundraising campaigns, they will begin to ponder the needs of an online payment processing tool and the possibility of an improved Internet marketing strategy. There are quite a few ways to go about raising awareness for a cause, but a strong vision and a solid information technology system can get the job done well. Instead of turning to every social media platform available hoping the word will spread on its own, organizations can also invest in the right tools and a smart online fundraising program.

Understanding online fundraising strategies
A strong fundraising plan on the Internet involves knowing donors inside and out and trying new and creative ways to reach them. The Fundraising Coach says the first step to fundraising is research and the second is practicing new and different asks.

Researching your donors and prospects is crucial for fundraising success. Prospect research can tell you:

  • Past giving history to your nonprofit and other charities,
  • Political giving,
  • Nonprofit involvement like volunteer time or board membership,
  • Business affiliations and ties,
  • Real estate and stock ownership,
  • And more!

This information can help you tailor your asks and discover the best way to approach donors and prospects.

These two steps are essential to developing a solid way to approach potential donors as they give nonprofits the confidence and proper technique it needs to conquer new ground. Knowing how to attract new givers and offer a more comprehensive experience to people who support the cause comes with proper internal processes and the right online fundraising tools.

How IT can help
The IT department will play a huge role in how the nonprofit approaches the campaign climate. While many think IT is strictly for fixing computer problems and phone systems, there are a handful of new job responsibilities for technology workers. Planning a fundraising campaign requires an online marketing plan as much as it needs an IT strategy. Nonprofit Information stated that having IT on board with fundraisers help install a long-term plan for attracting new donors and spreading awareness through the right channels. The technology team can also be helpful in determining what type of processing systems to invest in and where the nonprofit should spend its money to increase fundraising effectiveness.

Creating a working relationship with IT
There is a good chance that most IT teams know a significant amount about campaign trends, numbers, patterns and needs from a technological perspective. Involving this department in the cause awareness activities can initiate targeted fundraising and success garnering new followers. While there are a lot of ways to reach new givers in this day and age, it is best to use internal resources and see what they might envision for the process and how this year can make a difference in ways other years haven't.

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