Pinterest for nonprofit growth

There are many social media tools available to nonprofit organizations looking to enhance their online presence and engage more supporters with their donation pages. The success of each social media endeavor, however, greatly depends on the organization's ability to optimize the collaborative platforms to not only share information and direct traffic to a website, but also engage the community to build long-term relationships.

Generating Pinterest with online donors
John Haydon recently outlined a few ways nonprofits can benefit from the social media platform Pinterest, which allows users to share pictures on a digital corkboard and collect feedback from other users. The creative network aims to use images to communicate ideas and concepts while encouraging collaboration and brainstorming to turn an inspiration into an end product all online.

The majority of Pinterest users are between the ages of 25 and 44, a key population of potential donors who would feel comfortable submitting payment information online to contribute to a cause. When launching social media strategies, it is important to understand the target audience is relatively young and tech-savvy. The desired donors are familiar with websites, social media networks, online payment processing solutions and other digital communication tactics that connect organizations to individuals.

Just as video content on a website will draw viewers in to learn more about a cause and opportunities to offer support, so too will images on the Pinterest platform. Nonprofits can experiment with different picture sources to see what visual posts stimulate conversation and views to increase awareness and donations. Pinterest offers the most benefit to nonprofits that offer a specific product or service that is tangible or easily recognizable in photos.

For example, the Humane Society of New York has an adopt-a-dog campaign that includes a Pinterest presence showcasing available canines looking for a new loving home. The pictures appeal to key audiences and those looking to adopt by stirring up an emotional response and creating a lasting image in the mind of the viewer.

Likewise, the National Wildlife Federation also plays into the sentiments of animal lovers by sharing pictures of different species around the world in habitats that are under threat from human sources. Showing the animals living peacefully while having their ecosystems stripped away  makes it hard to ignore the statistics. Sometimes donors may become numb to the varying problems of the world being discussed if they are not directly related or see the events unfolding in person. Pinterest helps bring causes to life with strong images underscoring the value of each donation.

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