Participating in online gaming to boost donations, visibility

In the digital landscape, nonprofits can easily get swallowed up in the sea of other charitable organizations looking to increase awareness and traffic to online donation pages. To stand out from other organizations and increase visibility in key audiences, nonprofits must find a way to uniquely leverage social tools and digital platforms to engage larger populations of supporters without breaking budgets. One trending strategy is the use of online games to grab the attention of donors while increasing contributions.

Gaming for a cause
Nonprofit Hub recently discussed the growing popularity of incorporating online games into donation pages and nonprofit websites. Leveraging social media platforms to connect like-minded gamers into programs, nonprofits are looking to generate interest through activities such as games supported on Facebook like Farmville. Social gaming is very popular across the nation, connecting users through a social platform while providing an entertaining game.

Nonprofits are learning how to transform standard gaming portals into interest generators to boost fundraising and engagement with key demographics. Social gaming options are cost-efficient and require minimal overhead expenditures, making them a smart investment for nonprofits with limited assets. The tools can support and enhance existing donation pages and play a major role in multichannel fundraising strategies.

Forbes recently highlighted, which allows online gamers to play other individuals for their favorite charities. Participants can tap into the site via computers and mobile devices to increase usage on the go, while accessing a wide variety of online games and making contributions to their preferred nonprofit organizations at the same time.

When getting started on the site, users can create a profile and choose from a list of more than 100,000 nonprofits and schools who have registered to provide organization information and receive money through the portal. Nonprofits can establish a presence on the site, offer links to donation pages and other content and allow gamers to play for the cause to raise awareness and funds. There is significant potential from the online gaming platform nonprofits should embrace. Forbes explained 113 million Americans play casual online games on a regular basis, totaling 50 million hours a day of digital entertainment. If a portion of these gamers were attracted to the online giving site, could raise $1 billion a year to be divided up among participating organizations.

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