Optimize websites for better online donations

As nonprofits look to garner more online donations from supporters and increase awareness over the Internet, they should consider the importance of site analytics. Landing pages are a very important part of a site because they are an organization's chance to garner more monetary support. Optimizing these pages and online donation forms will ensure gift givers are able to fill out requests and do further research on the cause if they so desire. Understanding how landing pages work will allow nonprofit leaders to make more informed decisions about their website attracting new prospects.

How to utilize website analytics
A lot of fundraising tactics take place on the Internet now because a majority of people interact online and it is more convenient for them to send money electronically. As any company would regularly employ services such as Google Analytics, nonprofits can use them too to manage their website traffic. NP Engage says the data an organization receives from a Google Analytics report will allow it to adjust calls to action, redesign landing age structure and improve menu items. Easier navigation and a better experience for website visitors overall is key.

How to design a call to action
When creating a call to action, nonprofits should be aware of how their audience will perceive the request. SEO.com suggests taking a closer look at what the purposes of the organization's landing pages are, what metrics it is going to measure in regards to the website and how the pages will encourage visitors to seek a deeper relationship with the nonprofit. Website analytics can offer insight organizations can use to create the ideal call to action, and it may be best to try a few different ideas out to start with. The sources says a call to action needs to stand out with bold colors and a large type size and include an irresistible offer for interested parties.

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