Online donation services can help Canadians increase charitable giving

New charity fundraising ideas allow nonprofit organizations to maximize contributions from individuals as donor habits change in unpredictable ways. In Canada specifically, many foundations have experienced challenges trying to make their causes more relevant to citizens amid a trending reduction in the amount of money individuals are willing to give.

Even Governor General David Johnston agrees Canadian citizens could do much more to boost the country's reputation as a smart and caring nation. The Toronto Star said Johnston recently called for a greater focus on charitable giving in the years leading up to the country's 150th anniversary in 2017. The 2012 Statistics Canada report highlighted a growing level of donor fatigue among people aged 15 and older. One of the main culprits is that contributors have become increasingly skeptical of the effectiveness of their contributions. For example, the report found that in 2010, 37 percent of respondents were unsure of how efficiently their donations would be used by the receiving organizations. Other obstacles standing in the way of more charitable giving have to do with a lack of marketing and awareness-raising on the part of nonprofits, as well as an excessive amount of barriers to the actual donation process.

Allison Fine, a senior fellow at the New York City think tank Demos, wrote in The NonProfit Times about how more effective storytelling can also help foundations better communicate not only the importance of donating, but also how that money will eventually be used. Implementing online payment solutions is another example of an effective way to reach potential donors in today's fast-moving digital environment. Organizations must target individuals who place an especially high value on the ability to seamlessly integrate money transactions with digital tools. The ability to accept donations online while also leveraging the Internet to reach a wider audience can ultimately boost any country's reputation for charitable giving. 

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