Online communities essential for successful e-commerce

Garnering online recognition and increasing donations over the internet can bring a nonprofit to the next level and lead it to a future of sustainable growth. Enhancing online payment solutions, employing strong social media strategies and improving donor outreach can all help a charity obtain funds, and establishing a strong online community will help develop support and a better understanding of the entity's vision. Successful e-commerce starts with setting the organization apart from others and getting people to truly realize the importance of its causes. In order to do so, it's essential that nonprofits have great content and effective promotional strategies.

Build a worthy website
A Bank of America Small Business Community post said great online tactics revolve around the experience people have on the organization's website. First, they need to be able to navigate easily and reach their desired destination without any interference. If prospects are seeking access to an online donation form, the website should be set up in a way that allows a clear path right to the form's page. Improving technicalities like accessible forms is important, but it's also a good idea to provide great visual content and donor success stories. There is more behind a charity's website than the payment option. In fact, the heart and soul of the organization lies in the vision, purpose and relationships built from supporting the cause. 

Be in touch with the audience
Having a better understanding of the charity's target audience and the donor's web experience will help plan stronger content and charity experiences. This means employing website analytics and knowing how people interact with the site. Once organizations have more insight about their audience, they will can improve experiences and create a tight knit community around their cause.

Reap the benefits of a strong network
The advantages of having an online community that supports the initiatives of the charity offer more to the organization's outreach than many may think. Business 2 Community said the benefits of an online community are endless, but the most important ways they help are:

  • Rapid spread of content
  • Valuable feedback
  • Marketing and sales opportunities

People that are invested in a cause and incredibly apt with online interaction can assist a charity by doing a lot of the promotional work for them and being a main resource when it comes time to change up tactics.

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