October's monthly roundup

Here at iATS Payments, we're committed to bringing you the best news in the nonprofit industry. From payment security to donor retention, it's important to stay up to date. In case you missed these articles last month, here is some additional reading on data security and monthly giving programs:

Credit card fraud: How it impacts nonprofits (infographic)
Our latest infographic centers around credit card fraud risks nonprofits potentially face. This is a critical concern for charities that accept donations online. Card tumbling, online auction fraud, creation of clone charities and processing suspicious transactions are all ways organizations can fall victim to credit card fraud, and it's important to be on the alert. Nonprofits experience a median loss of $85,000, so this is a top priority. While online donations have a lot of growth potential, card-not-present transactions open the door for new risks. Fortunately, certified payment processing can minimize this threat. 

Data protection a top nonprofit priority (video)
While we're on the topic of security, our latest video focuses around the need for nonprofits to protect donor data. The right nonprofit payment processing partner is crucial for preventing data leaks. Many organizations are recognizing the need for online security updates and increasing their investment in new strategies. Any gaps in security can cause you to lose donors. 

4 tips to initiate monthly giving on nonprofit websites
Another popular topic in the nonprofit sector is increasing the number of donors who make monthly gifts. Monthly contributions enable charities to strengthen their donation pipelines. Organizations can make it easier for donors to sign up for monthly giving by building the option into their online donation forms. However, this is just the first step. You need to make this option compelling for contributors. Featuring monthly donors on your website and creating the right visuals can influence participation rates. You can provide examples of the difference a small monthly gift could make to someone in need.

These articles were the fan favorites for the month, and we loved them too. Preventing online fraud and protecting donor data will only become more important topics as organizations prioritize online donations. Be sure to check our blog for more news. In addition, monthly giving can be a valuable source of sustained revenue for nonprofits. We hope you enjoyed these articles!

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