November's monthly news roundup

At iATS Payments, we make it our goal to bring you the latest news in the nonprofit industry. In November, our major focus was year-end giving and what you can do to get ready for the busy holiday season. In case you missed these posts last month, here is a summary of our top three articles from November:

How to maximize the effectiveness of year-end campaigns
Holiday fundraising is the most lucrative time of year for many organizations, and nonprofits need to be proactive to encourage giving during this season. Giving Tuesday, the international day of charity, is now considered the start of year-end campaigns. When planning a campaign, direct mail may be most appropriate for the first ask, and then you can shift to a multichannel approach at the end of November and through December. Email is a huge element in your year-end strategy. Approaching donors through multiple channels can help you stand out from other charities.

Use the holidays to increase donations [Video]
Are you pressed for time but still need some advice on how to conduct a successful year-end campaign? Look no further than our November video on celebrating the holidays with donations. Although holiday giving can determine whether a nonprofit is able to meet its annual target, there is a huge opportunity for last-minute giving.

Donors give 80 percent larger gifts in December, and one-third of all contributions are made during this month. Making the ask at the end of December may pay off. In fact, 10 percent of December gifts occur within the last three days of the year. You can still encourage more contributions with a well-timed appeal and a link to your donation form.

How to make your year-end fundraising campaign a success
It may be a mistake to only ask for donations once during the holiday season. As we covered in the video, a significant portion of holiday giving happens in the last few days of the year. Scheduling multiple communications throughout November and December is a way for nonprofits to collect the maximum number of year-end gifts. 

In addition, the holiday season is an important time to thank contributors for their efforts throughout the year. Making the effort to demonstrate appreciation can inspire previous donors to give again. Choosing your words carefully can build a sense of community and draw donors in. To make the most of your opportunities, it's crucial to make the contribution process as easy as possible and link to your online donation form whenever you can. 

These were our three favorite posts from November, and our readers enjoyed them too. The end of the year is a critical time for charities, and the importance of these campaigns should not be overlooked. Be sure to check out our blog for more news this month. We hope you enjoyed these articles!

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