Nonprofits taking on new social responsibilities

The changing face of nonprofits is one that will benefit surrounding communities and society as a whole. In an article for the The Globe and Mail, Paul Alofs points out that government services are slowly diminishing due to lack of funds. This is having a direct affect on social service programs, education, environmental initiatives, arts and entertainment and so much more. There is a strong need to keep these programs; nonprofits are taking on the responsibility to carry their initiatives out. Alofs says people are calling nonprofits to service as social enterprises to fund and organize these services.

The Internet helps fund social responsibility
Nonprofits are able to do this because they are turning to social media and technology and diving into new and creative fundraising ideas that will boost mass awareness about their causes. Donor outreach raises the funds to keep nonprofits' initiatives alive and running. The online world is revolutionizing how nonprofits serve their communities and, as Alofs says, changing the way people view charitable foundations for the better. In fact, new fundraising opportunities have become available just because of how people connect and communicate on the Internet.

New fundraising could help save over the long term
Fast Company reported on the newest trend for nonprofits to gather funds: crowdsourcing. Charitable organizations have to find more creative ways to raise money and support to follow through on the work they promise to the public. Social media and other online strategies have been helping organizations build relationships with donors and prospects. The emphasis with crowdsourcing needs to be on gathering lifelong supporters who are willing to continue giving to the nonprofit over a long period of time. This can help keep the services not only sustainable, but allow them to grow and evolve into meaningful programs for the community.

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