Nonprofits need a personalized website experience

Your nonprofit has a website in place along with donor management software to allow patrons an easy way to give to your cause. While this is all well and good, building and maintaining a Web presence isn't just a one and done process. You and your staff must devote some time to optimizing your website on a routine basis if you want to draw in new donors and keep the veteran givers engaged.

Building a great website for your nonprofit around the fundraising tools and platform you already have in place is crucial to drawing interest in your organization. 

Make it painless and interesting
You already know you must make online donations quick and effortless: don't make patrons fill out unnecessary fields of information. However, a good website that works for a nonprofit must be intuitive and also capture the attention of your audience, while keeping it long enough to make an impression. You want your visitors to bookmark your site as well as visit and give to it frequently.

To better engage this potential donor base, your organization's website needs fresh, new content that matters to and piques people's interest. This means personalizing the visitor experience to your website is key to maintaining their interested in your nonprofit and the work it does. 

Keeping them from clicking away
A 2013 digital marketing survey done by Janrain, found 74 percent of people grew annoyed and clicked off a website if it didn't contain content relevant to their interests or their demographics. However, a nonprofit can hang on to visitors by posting new content at least once a week to its site and by ensuring that the information - whether it's video or text - inspires the people viewing your website. 

One way to get started with personalizing your website to suit individuals' interests is to identify them, Ray van Hilst, director of client strategy at Vanguard Technology told The Nonprofit Times. Hilst told attendees during a recent American Society of Association Executives Technology Conference and Expo that nonprofits and for-profits alike must acknowledge visitors to their websites and determine why they are viewing the site in the first place.

Nonprofit managers must ask visitors what they want the site to do for them or what it is about the organization that piqued the person's interest. From there, the nonprofit can then tailor content to keep their audience returning for more. 

Make your website mobile-responsive

Did you know that organic searches on mobile devices just tipped over 50%? That means that over half of all internet searches are beginning on a smartphone or a tablet, not a laptop or desktop.

The fact that more and more donors are starting to access your nonprofit's site via mobile devices makes it even more imperative that your site is mobile-responsive.

Make sure that the text on your site is easy to read without making donors zoom and pinch and swipe through your site. Navigation should be easy to use, and buttons, images, and other media should be large and prominent (without overwhelming the page itself).

Creating a personalized website experience for your donors might take some time, but if you follow these three guidelines, you'll be on the right track to creating a great online resource for your donors to learn more about your nonprofit, get involved as volunteers, and make donations.

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