Nonprofits attract corporate online donations with transparency and employee engagement

There are any number of ways to increase attention to your online donation services - many of which we've covered on this blog: re-vamp your website, embrace social media, develop your narrative and recent studies from both America and Australia suggest the workplace is a more than worthy target.

According to America's Charities, approximately $4 billion in donations comes from workplace giving, despite a 20 percent decline in the Combined Federal Campaign. The Virginia-based organization provided an aptly titled Snapshot 2014 "Rising Tide of Expectations - Corporate Giving, Employee Engagement and Impact" exploring the trends nonprofits experienced. The most common and recurring response? Transparency.

Demands of the digital age
Sixty-eight percent of nonprofit responders believed the digital culture required them to be more transparent, leading to greater emphasis on the communication of mission, services and programs. Similarly, they believed transparency was the most important element of good governance. Employee donors agreed, but they wanted more, The NonProfit Times reported. Charities struggle to maintain strong relationships with corporate and institutional partners and about half reported an increase in requests for employee engagement. Digital culture makes online giving and nonprofit payment processing easy; transparency and involvement with workplace donors allows it to be valuable. You can even recruit those millennials we told you about to help with that pesky manpower problem.

Donors Down Under need employee attention too
Closer involvement with employee donation programs could solve some of Australia's fundraising woes as well. The annual Giving Australia report showed that Australians are giving in greater amounts but fewer people are contributing. The answer to this issue, however, could simply be asking. Speaking to Pro Bono Australia, Roy Morgan Research Industry Communications Director Norman Morris said that Australians still reported faith in charity organizations and the contributions of everyday people. The latter is linked, Morris says, to the belief that a certain portion of every income should be donated. Develop workplace donation systems - with transparency and employee engagement - and nonprofit payments can rise.

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