Nonprofits and Instagram: A perfect match

In today's digital age, the power of social cannot be ignored. A recent industry report found that social media has become integrated in a large majority of marketers' future plans. Specifically, Social Media Examiner's "2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report" found that 92 percent of advertising decision-makers felt that social media is important for their business or nonprofit, up from 86 percent in 2013.

Success strategies vary for social media marketing. Different organizations rely on varying tactics to connect with donors and accept online donations. The No. 1 question that marketers wanted addressed in the study was: Which tactics work the best? Constant changes in new and existing social platforms have advertisers scrambling to keep pace with donor demands. 

However, marketers seem to have an idea of which direction they'd like to head in. Content creation is an emerging trend in the advertising field, and decision-makers are planning to increase their budgets for Instagram - a platform that relies heavily on visual content. 

Instagram here to stay
Although it's already four years old, Instagram's Web presence is growing steadily - an anomaly of sorts, seeing as four years in the social realm is almost an eternity. Yet, marketers are now beginning to realize the power of the picture, and plan on exploring that avenue even further in the coming months. Social Media Examiner found that 42 percent of advertising decision-makers plan on increasing Instagram use this year, a slight increase from the 38 percent in 2013.

The type of content nonprofits produce may vary based on the organization, but as long as it remains true to the charity's brand and mission, an organization may see successful results follow. Quality, valuable content is information or visuals that will engage the audience - the whole point of social advertising. 

Different industry organizations can switch up the pictures they share on Instagram and see which ones work best for them. For example, a museum or local theater are in a great position to utilize the image sharing platform. Both can post creative and unique pictures about their building, exhibits or anything else related to their organization. Lifestyle content is a great way to interact with donors because it puts a personality behind the name of a charity, Business 2 Community says. Creative content can act as one of the most useful online fundraising tools out there if leveraged correctly. 

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