Nonprofit marketers are increasingly turning to content marketing

Nonprofits are taking cues from major consumer brands and turning to content marketing. In fact, 92 percent of nonprofit marketing professionals now utilize content marketing, according to Blackbaud's "Content Marketing for Nonprofits" report. These tactics may be an effective way to drive more traffic to your online donation form.

This form of marketing is becoming increasingly attractive to organizations because untargeted mass campaigns weren't working for them. In the past, many charities took a blanket approach to marketing, but this wasn't the best use of a limited budget. Content marketing allows you to be more relevant to a specific audience. 

How to make nonprofit content marketing more effective
Some organizations have been utilizing content marketing tactics for several years, but they are starting to incorporate more tactics. While they may have relied solely on blogs in the past, white papers, e-books, infographics, case studies, newsletters and videos can educate potential donors as well.

In addition, in-person events can bolster your content marketing presence. This helps contributors make a stronger connection with your cause.

Many charitable foundations are recognizing the importance of distributing content on social networks. Although optimizing blog posts with relevant keywords can improve where your website ranks in a search engine, social media expands your reach further and ensures you're connecting with the right people.

This is especially true for individuals who are already familiar with your organization. Content marketing is highly useful as a donor retention tool because you can continue to provide new information. Individuals may follow charities they have given to on social media, but this isn't a guarantee they will donate again unless you engage them. 

Using storytelling for content marketing
You can create content to share impact, express thanks to donors and discuss the progress you have made in the past year. However, nonprofits are often most successful at content marketing when they incorporate storytelling elements into their materials, a joint report from the Content Marketing Institute and Blackbaud revealed. In "Nonprofit Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends - North America," nonprofit marketing professionals said they were utilizing content more frequently and trying new tactics.

It's important to consistently incorporate storytelling throughout your promotions and communications. Nothing will be worse than a disjointed marketing effort that confuses donors.

You can even incorporate the same story at an event! If you have the space, you can opt to place large posters or signs that tell the full story that you've been telling in your promotional materials.

Just don't forget! Storytelling makes it easier for potential contributors to make a more emotional connection with an organization's content. Individuals are often motivated to give more when they read a story about how a donation would help a real person. 

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