Nonprofit donation revenue improves online [VIDEO]

If you're highly superstitious, you may not believe what you're about to hear. 2013 was a great year for online donations. In fact, it was the space's best year to date in terms of Web-based contributions raised. Maybe 13 isn't so unlucky after all!



2013 was a good year for online donations. According to Blackbaud's "2014 Luminate Online Benchmark Report," 800 nonprofits studied raised close to $1.3 billion in 2013, an 8 percent growth year over year. Although click-through rates were down, nonprofits sent 60 percent more emails last year than in 2012. First-time gifts dropped more than 1.5 percent in revenue but returning donation revenue increased 17 percent last year. In what makes for an interesting dichotomy, the total number of gifts, total online revenue and average gift amount all improved last year while email conversion rates declined. As mobile continues to grow, it's critical for nonprofits to have a robust multichannel outreach strategy going forward to better connect with donors on a regular basis. Tune in next time for more donation tips!

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