Nonprofit ACH payment processing

Online donations have gained popularity as consumers become more confident in their financial situations. "Nonprofit ACH Payment Processing", our recent whitepaper, outlined how offering ACH (or direct debit) processing as a donation payment method may be beneficial to your organization.

Internet fundraising has secured its footing and organizations are finding that by accepting online donations, benefactors find the simplicity and convenience more appealing. While this trend blossoms, nonprofits should consider the best technique for processing online payments.

In addition to standard credit card processing, Automated Clearing House, or ACH, is an option that can offer your nonprofit a number of advantages. 

Cost-effectiveness of ACH
For the sake of your cause and mission, affordability is one of your top priorities, and you are able to collect a large number of donations cost-effectively with ACH payment processing. ACH processing typically involves a flat fee for each transaction. This is more appealing than other payment processing fees that charge a percentage of the donations that are collected. This is especially beneficial for nonprofits due to the greater volume of donations you are able to keep and to work toward your organization's mission.

In addition, ACH transactions often experience fewer rejections than credit card payments, as people don't change their bank account numbers frequently.

More options, more money
Giving your donors multiple payment options can provide a greater deal of convenience and ultimately lead to more donations for your nonprofit. Staying educated and up to date on emerging payment trends is important and will help you make a decision regarding which tools you would like to utilize for your organization.

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