New Google app makes donating seamless

Google has released a new app called One Today that makes donating on mobile devices quicker, faster and overall more convenient. Offering a monetary gift to a charity has never been so easy as the app streamlines the donation process on mobile devices and offers additional information about organizations throughout the whole process. Payment solutions through charity websites will help make a cohesive experience for donors and simultaneously spread brand awareness. Smartphone and tablet use is here to stay and nonprofits should be taking advantage of the various opportunities today's apps and online platforms offer for raising money for charity.

The One Today app works in accordance with Google Today, offering the opportunity to donate $1 to a nonprofit that Google Today features with a simple button. Fast Company calls the process almost "mindless" and simple. But for those who want to give a larger amount, they can create a sort of competition among friends by asking others to donate and then matching their offer. Fast Company points out the money doesn't go through automatically, the initial donation simply acts as a pledge until Google collects the pledges and asks users to pay via credit card.

The app was created with the intention of connecting the public to the various nonprofits and encourage small, yet impactful donations. Charity fundraising has been made easy with online donation requests and mobile device use, but the app is a great way to educate people about nonprofits and lead them to interact further with the organizations online.

One Today is exclusive to Android mobile devices only, and while it is invite-only, those interested can request an invitation through Google. The app is free for nonprofits to sign up and Google receives no money from the transactions. Organization receive 98 percent of the proceeds, with 1.9 percent going toward payment processing, according to Nonprofit Quarterly.

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