Multichannel marketing can increase nonprofit success

Nonprofits are known for bringing good to their communities through volunteer efforts and local events. They spread general welfare to those in need and propagate awareness about local issues that need help. This can be a tough task though, seeing as most charities aren't known for their financial firepower. 

Thanks in part to the development in donation software, organizations have streamlined the giving process and can now accept donations online. But even then, a charity can only rely on its current benefactors' gifts so much. As a result, the need for inexpensive yet effective marketing is crucial for any organization that's looking to promote itself, and social media provides an ample platform for these groups to reach out to new and existing donors.

Omnichannel approach is the best bet
According to a recent Constant Contact study, 59 percent of respondents cited marketing as the No. 1 concern of small businesses and nonprofits - they weren't sure how to make their marketing dollars go further. But it seems as if SMBs and charities are beginning to leverage the power of social platforms to their advertising advantage. Eighty-two percent of respondents started using a multichannel approach as of March 2014, and 73 percent reported multichannel marketing had proved successful thus far. 

Social media is just an add-on to the various channels that nonprofits can use, too. Email marketing has proven to withstand the rapid growth of the digital age, and direct mail is still alive and well. Forty-four percent of respondents in a recent Convince & Convert study said they made a purchase based off an email marketing campaign in 2013. Furthermore, now that a growing majority of the population in industrialized nations owns a mobile phone, nonprofits have the ability to reach prospective donors more than ever before. 

An omnichannel approach to nonprofit marketing is the best way to stretch a group's advertising budget because it can reach a high volume of contributors in a cost-effective manner. Both for-profit and nonprofit organization's are beginning to realize that customer and donor satisfaction is the key driver in repeated business, and the best way to continually interact is through multiple channels. Seventy-three percent of Constant Contact respondents said customer engagement was the highest area of success in regards to multichannel marketing, so nonprofits thinking of expanding their efforts would likely benefit from doing so.

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