"Modern and hip" American West tops list of charitable US cities

Online fundraising continues its ascent as the next big source of nonprofit payments, and a new "Charitable Giving Report" from Blackbaud suggests the American West is still the frontier. With eight cities in the top 25 list, the Western region of the United States proved to be the most generous and Seattle, Washington topped the chart. Alexandria, Virginia and Atlanta were next, followed by Washington, D.C., Cambridge, Massachusetts and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In contrast to previous years, Blackbaud included significantly more data in the analysis of online payments, according to npENGAGE. In 2013, the 265 cities studied received over $822 million in online donations. The reason for this increase - particularly in the West - may have something to do with the "modern and hip and tech-oriented" atmosphere, Teri Hein told USA Today. Hein is the executive director of the Seattle branch of 826, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center, and explained that the millennials at her event used Facebook and Twitter to make digital donations. Also in USA Today, Susan McPherson added that while she doesn't believe they will replace traditional payments, opportunities for online donation services will increase as people become more comfortable with technology.

While the study is limited to U.S. cities, the correlation between young, technologically savvy cities in addition to the substantial reported growth in online giving is promising for all nonprofits accepting donations online.

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