Mobile giving a trend not likely to go away

Mobile donations made from smartphones and tablets are gradually becoming significant sources of funding for nonprofit organizations across the world. The proliferation of smart devices used by consumers worldwide is opening up new channels for contributions for organizations with tight budgets that often cannot afford to extend campaigns beyond their immediate region. Leveraging digital platforms and mobile solutions, charities are optimizing all fundraising dollars spent while reaching a wider audience of donors through a convenient array of giving options.

Acknowledging how frequently consumers in the United States and other developed countries turn to their mobile devices for communication, business and shopping, nonprofits are enhancing donor engagement efforts through mobile platforms. How can mobile donation page technology improve your fundraising efforts?

The Mobile Revolution
Writing for Forbes, Sean Milliken, director of nonprofit strategy at eBay, discussed the increasing number of nonprofit organizations benefiting from new technologies to reduce fundraising costs while driving awareness. To support relief efforts in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, for example, about $900,000 of the $7.2 million raised was via mobile donations. Furthermore, device add-ons that allow nonprofits to swipe credit cards and process donations on their phones while at an event are also making it easier to collect contributions with more convenient options for donors.

Milliken predicts the trend toward more mobile donations will persist in 2013, with more nonprofit organizations launching mobile-optimized websites and applications to cater to a tech-savvy donor pool and improve long-term engagement. The mobile platforms will not only make it easier for gifts to be made on the go, but also support micro-donations that allow givers to purchase tools and resources for communities in need and see a tangible difference being made with their gifts.

Keep It Practical
Commenting on new fundraising platforms, Management Help provided some advice for nonprofits going mobile for the first time. To take full advantage of mobile technology, make sure all pages on a website are optimized for smartphones and tablets, and send out email messages that also convert to mobile-friendly viewing as emails are often accessed on mobile devices. Consider adding QR codes to many physical materials to connect donors to more information, resources or ways to give online or on their mobile devices. Consider offering gift-givers text message notifications to keep them informed, but do not consider text-to-give as a significant source of funding.

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