Mobile donors need optimized giving pages

With smartphones and tablets rising in popularity, nonprofits need to make sure the donation forms on their mobile sites are easy to use.

Considering all the work that nonprofits do to get prospective contributors to give, having the best online donation services possible is of utmost importance. Even major charities like Amnesty International have had issues with converting mobile site visitors into donors, according to The NonProfit Times. The worldwide human rights organization had high page views for the mobile version of its webpage but a markedly lower number of contributions.

The amount of time elapsed is the key to increasing conversion rates, and this was an issue for Amnesty International. The NonProfit Times reports that 20 percent of donations were made through charitable organizations' mobile sites in 2013, showing the growing importance of the demographic. However, that number could have been nearly twice as high, as technical frustrations caused about 50 percent of people looking to make a gift through a tablet or smartphone to give up.

Understanding the basics of how payment processing works is a good first step. The NonProfit Times provides a refresher about the three big steps of credit and debit card processing that can help remind nonprofits of what is necessary for every transaction, no matter how or where it's processed.

Some important improvements for a mobile online donation form in particular are proper formatting, text placement and size of fields and buttons. Mobile giving pages should be designed so that all information, graphics and menus fit horizontally on the screen and users only have to worry about scrolling up and down. The name of a required field, like the donor's name, credit card number and others, should always appear above the actual text box. Finally, donation buttons and other interactive items should be easy to see and click, allowing contributors to easily finalize their donations. 

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