Measuring nonprofit event success

Hosting an online charity auction or other type of fundraising event can be very effective, but organizations will only know how successful their efforts were if they focus on important metrics. Measuring event results is different for every nonprofit, but it requires leaders to plan out the goals and important metrics that need to be analyzed. While this may seem tedious, it will allow organizations to adjust their tactics in the future and incorporate other areas of fundraising that may be necessary.

There are fundamental metrics to look at, but there are also individual measurements to consider first for every event. NP Engage recommends looking at the basics first, like how much money was raised, what the profits or losses were and how many people participated. These are key and will help organizations track its progress. Meanwhile, smaller details reveal why and how supporters are interacting with the nonprofit. There are other areas of donor interaction that can correlate to higher donations.

NP Engage states for example, if nonprofits want to increase their number of personalized donation pages, they need to look at the percent of people who have emotional connections to the cause as well as the number of people who already have somewhat developed their own page. This in turn will allow donors' acquaintances to read about the progress of the organization and increase donations based on the emotional impact of individual stories.

Other metrics to look at are the number of people who volunteer and organize event teams, how many social media links are shared across various platforms, how many gift-givers are retained over a certain amount of time or which people spend their time fundraising for a campaign or upcoming event.

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