Maximizing the impact of email marketing

Email is an important element in year-end strategies for most nonprofits. However, some organizations are sending a larger number of emails and facing declining conversion rates, according to research from Luminate, cited by npENGAGE. The report found nonprofits are sending 72 percent more messages, but conversions have dropped 25 percent. 

The number of fundraising emails is increasing because charities are trying to stand out at the end of the year and Giving Tuesday is gaining popularity. Conversion rates may be decreasing because the messages aren't targeted for the right audience. Additionally, insufficient mobile experience could be impacting conversion rates. Organizations need to consider mobile-responsive emails and donation forms to accommodate their constituents.

How to increase the effectiveness of email
Email is a worthwhile marketing channel for charitable organizations because it's cost effective and delivers a high return on investment. However, charities need to properly execute campaigns to meet their goals. While fundraising emails aren't a new concept for most nonprofits, it's important to keep up with new trends in this area, Business 2 Community stated. 

Good list management practices are crucial for increasing the impact of your campaigns. People will unsubscribe over time, so it's important to add engaged new subscribers. Adding a signup form on your website can encourage donors to enroll for your monthly newsletter. You can also promote your email list at annual fundraising events.

Because untargeted messages can derail an email campaign, creating multiple lists may improve ROI. Most nonprofits work with contributors who give at different levels. These groups won't be motivated by the same types of content. Prospective donors won't engage with annual impact information, even though this can be an effective tactic for recurring givers. Better understanding of what drives supporters enables you to send more relevant content to the right people.

Don't overlook the importance of mobile. The vast majority of adults have smartphones, and many people use their devices to scan their inboxes. Simple formats with contrasting colors tend to be more readable. Too many colors or images can be distracting on smaller screen sizes. In addition, calls to action may drive more conversions if they're placed toward the top of the email. Scrolling requires more effort from a mobile device.

Small adjustments can make fundraising emails stronger, which can help nonprofits meet their year-end goals. This channel offers ample opportunities for engaging your constituents. 

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