March 2015 monthly news roundup

Providing your organization with valuable information, trends and tips in the nonprofit sector is something iATS Payments works to ensure. During March, strategy development was one of our most heavily explored topics. Here are our five of most popular articles from last month:

1. "The importance of storytelling for your nonprofit"
Familiarizing your donors with your charity's story can help improve their relationship with your organization. Ensure that you effectively relay your nonprofit's purpose and passion to benefactors. Consider putting them at the center of the story. Ask them to become the hero and show them how they can make a difference.

Just as a strong storytelling strategy is important for your nonprofit, a weak one can hinder your efforts. Do not attempt to generalize your story or appeal to everyone, otherwise your organization may come off as insincere.

2. "Crowdfunding for your nonprofit: Part 1"
Your organization can take advantage of a number of tools to help increase in-person and online donations. Crowdfunding is one method that can boost your efforts to raise money for the cause you are most passionate about.

When developing your crowdfunding campaign, consider social media compatibility. Allow individuals to share and advertise your cause and campaign. 

3. "Embracing the digital age"
Increasing mobile access, accepting online donations and catering to an audience that is constantly enveloped in the Web can increase the success of your efforts to connect with potential donors. Make gift-giving simple and compatible with those who are accustomed to fast and streamlined experiences.

Suggest how much money to donate and encourage repetitive giving to embrace the capabilities of the Internet. These tweaks to your strategy can help increase the donations you receive.

4. "Tools for effective email marketing" 
E-newsletters serve as a particularly effective fundraising tool. If your organization currently uses email marketing, decide what is working and adjust any weak points. Ensure that your content is strong and seamlessly transitions your audience to your online donation page to encourage giving.

Additionally, remember the importance of providing your recipients with a valuable and overall simple experience. They should know exactly what your nonprofit has called them to do and how they can move forward.

5. "The value of attending a conference"
Developing your staff and investing in their education can help improve your nonprofit's performance. Your charity would likely benefit from incorporating educational conference expenses into the annual budget. Attending a conference can introduce you and your staff to new and valuable skills and information in the nonprofit world. Additionally, a number of networking opportunities emerge during an event.

Save money by attending nearby conferences and planning ahead. Speak with coordinators about potential discounts that may be available to your organization.

These were our top five articles for the month of March. To increase donations, harness the power of storytelling, use the Internet to your advantage and invest in the development of your staff.

For more valuable information, check out our blog. We hope you enjoyed these articles!

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