Keep donors for short- and long-term giving

Nonprofits worldwide are discovering the benefits of launching online fundraising efforts that reach large populations of potential donors through cost-efficient channels such as websites and social media. As they create online donation pages and social campaigns, nonprofits should consider the best practices identified in previous success stories to help develop their own strategies for long-term benefits.

Keep in touch
NP Engage explained the importance of valuing each donor to strengthen and boost the success of online fundraising campaigns. Making an effort to communicate with donors after contributions are given can help ensure the migration to a digital platform, which should play a more integral role in the overall fundraising strategy.

Online fundraising campaigns can be a good source of quick donation collection if nonprofits launch websites specifically advertising events or short-term projects. These unique platforms offer donors a variety of options to support a cause that falls under the organization's overall mission. These efforts, however, may fail to retain donors in the long term.

NP Engage recommends developing a retention strategy to engage donors in a short-term project as well as the long-term goals of the nonprofit. One way to boost retention rates is to keep contact information of all donors and provide digital updates on the project and cause so they know where the money went. With each communication, provide links back to donation pages to spur continued support.

Join the community
First Bank is hosting Arizona Gives Day, a 24-hour online fundraising event working to bring together nonprofits and donors from across the state for a concentrated effort to raise awareness and financial support for local communities. The fundraising event was launched through a single donation website that provides in-depth information on all participating causes, the many ways to give and associated resources to further explain why the organizations are important.

A participating organization, such as the Tucson Botanical Gardens, can provide their donation page information through the event's website to collect contributions during the 24-hour period. After the event is over, the organization can then send out information on how much was raised, what the money will be used for and ways future contributions can further support efforts. Any channel to share information and link to donation pages will strengthen online campaigns and significantly increase awareness.

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