Keep data clean for better donor interaction

Nonprofits that accept donations online have to think about the bigger picture. Having a presence on the Internet means employing an online strategy that includes social media, search engine optimization and strategic website development. A more cohesive and intentional promotional method on the Web will reap the most benefits in terms of increased numbers of supporters and online donations. Offering interested parties the option to give to a charitable cause via an online donation formallows them to do so of their own will and become acquainted with the organization on the Internet where most prefer to interact.

However, with an online presence comes the need for data. Many organizations turn to big data to make sense of their donors' activity on the website and on social media platforms, but data collection methods differ depending on the nonprofit's goals and vision. In order to optimize donation forms and get more people visiting the website, organizations should take into account how they can make the online experience better for donors and prospects. Once nonprofits determine how they are going to begin data collection and analysis, they need to think about how to make the system sustainable and useful for their long-term goals.

How to manage data
NPEngage points out that while customer information can help leaders put together effective outreach strategies, inaccurate data has a serious effect on a nonprofit's fundraising efforts. The source focuses on how incorrect donor addresses can cause monetary implications for the organization, but it also talks about improving the user experience by making sure donors and interested parties receive fundraising material. Staying in touch with supporters, offering better social media interaction and redesigning the website to fit visitors' experiences will develop stronger relationships with them. Don't waste money on fundraising that doesn't accurately reflect donors' sentiments. Instead, look to make their experience more seamless and worthwhile.

If an organization comes across the problem of inaccurate data, they can easily correct the issue by going back to their original vision of how to grow their donor base and why it's important to have an online presence. The experts at The Data Roundtable recommend making sure data is playing a significant role in strategic planning methods, functioning successfully during campaigns and other promotional tactics and helping the organization follow through on its growth initiatives. Having data be an integral part of the fundraising process is key, but only if organizations are willing to make it reliable and useful for the bigger picture.

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