Involve and empower to maximize online donations

As your nonprofit develops online fundraising tools, you're no doubt looking for new ways to motivate your community to get involved and donate to your cause. One of the most effective strategies, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, is to involve and empower your audience.

By personalizing your mission, you give your donors a stake in the issue. Provide potential contributors with a way to relate to the work you're doing and they will be more likely to donate their time, money and energy. Interest them in the story you're telling and highlight how it's connected to their own. Then, don't just show your audience why the cause should matter to them, tell them how much of a difference their donations can make as well. Giving circles are increasingly an empowering form of fundraising as donors are motivated by their involvement in the impact of the combined donation. Emphasize how a few minutes with an easy online donation form can make a difference to your organization and be explicit about how your donor's contribution influences that very story they found a stake in.

Don't forget about your employees
With all the empowerment of donors, be careful not to forget about your employees as well. Allowing staff to take the initiative and pursue decisions within a strategic framework could transform the efficiency and effectiveness of your nonprofit. In an excerpt from her book "Execution is the Strategy" in The NonProfit Times, Laura Stack argued that, while it must be earned, empowerment in the workplace gives employees authority to do their jobs. Utilize proven donation management software and enable staffers to optimize their time and talents. We've talked about how to make the most of your volunteers, apply empowerment effectively to do the same in the workplace.

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