Integrate your multi-channeled fundraising approaches

If you regularly find your head spinning thanks to all the different channels and platforms involved in raising funds for your nonprofit, you aren't alone. While much of the money you receive through donor management software likely comes from your organization's online efforts, the physical checks you get in the mail could be due to your mailing campaigns.

You know these funds come to you thanks in part to your multi-channeled fundraising approach, however, your donors don't see it the same way. Your contributors just see one entity on the outside and aren't cognizant of all the complex inner workings it takes to reach them, The Nonprofit Times noted. The key to keeping your head on straight is to align the message of every channel you use.

It might sound like a big undertaking, but getting all your ducks in a row can lead to better results, Geoffrey W. Peters, CEO of Moore DM Group, told a recent fundraising conference and The Nonprofit Times.

Syncing your channels
To keep all your fundraising formats and platforms in sync, remember to stay on message. A nonprofit that sends a flier or letter via snail mail with a call to action or slogan that's different than the ones it posts to social media or uses in an email blast can muddy your efforts. You need a consistent approach and message throughout all channels whether it's direct mail or online. 

According to Care2, getting all mediums to work as one influential unit requires consistency. Once you have a plan developed across both your physical and virtual channels, keep the message the same and ensure your phone calls, mailings and email approaches complement one another. If your donor base receives nonstop messaging from you via phone, mail and online, they might be apt not to give. Therefore, it pays to have every channel of your campaign on the same page.

Experiment, but stay on target
Look for new ways to get your message across, but stick to the tried and true measures you know already work when it comes to fundraising. Peters advised nonprofits to take baby steps when approaching new platforms to see how they'll integrate with an organization's other fundraising channels. Whatever formats you choose for your nonprofit, make sure you align them with a common call-to-action and theme that all donors - no matter if they see it in the mail or online - recognize as your own.

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