Inspiring donors to fundraise: Part 2

When your donors decide to host a fundraising event for your nonprofit, they become an even more important member of your team. They can help your organization raise an impressive amount of money and help contribute to your mission. Make sure that you express gratitude and motivate them to increase the total number of donations they are able to raise.

Give a little encouragement
Don't be afraid to give your fundraisers a little nudge. If they are raising money for your nonprofit at a personal event, like a wedding or birthday, npENGAGE recommended offering prizes when they reach certain total gift amounts. This may inspire them to advertise your cause a little more and continue to ask guests to make donations.

You might also be interested in hosting a contest. Advertise a fundraising opportunity where best friends, siblings or partners can compete to raise more money at their own birthday parties.

Provide supplies
If you want to make it easier on the individual hosting the campaign, it is crucial that you supply them with materials that can help them solicit a higher volume of donations. Give them informational brochures or access to a video clip that demonstrates what your nonprofit does.

Also, make donating simple. Provide stations at events where guests can give gifts online or give post-marked donation forms they can send in later.

Offer repeat giving options
Remember that when an individual is raising money for your nonprofit at his or her event, they are exposing a number of different people to your cause. In some instances, those people might be good candidates for repeat giving. Personal interaction and showing the impact donations make on a cause are the key drivers to instigate repeat giving.

Offering a recurring or monthly giving option not only makes it easier for donors to give on a regular basis, it also automatically boosts your donor retention rates. And since average donor retention rates for nonprofits have been hovering around 40% lately, every small bump makes a difference!

Additionally, you should provide information showing donors where their money goes and how it helps the cause you are passionate about. Also, don't be afraid to ask if you can send your business cards with any materials you send for the fundraising campaign. Encourage individuals to reach out if they have any questions about your organization. This can serve as a step toward building a strong relationship with potential repeat donors.

Do not forget to give donors the option to sign up to give repeat gifts at the events. It's always a good idea to offer the choice and at least put the idea of repeat giving in their head.

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