Inspiring donors to fundraise: Part 1

Your nonprofit can increase total donations by allowing your donors to run campaigns and raise money for your organization. Events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries can offer your charity a unique and interesting source for contributions.

Consider advertising a new fundraising option to your current donors and use social media to plant the idea of hosting a campaign in the heads of other users.

Remember that not everyone is in a situation where they can give nonprofits monetary donations. No matter how much they support your cause, in some instances it isn't financially plausible to sign up to give a monthly gift or even a one-time donation. However, you can offer everyone the opportunity to give by allowing them to host a fundraising campaign at their next big event.

Wedding bliss your nonprofit won't want to miss
When two people are getting married, finances might be tight. Catering companies, photographers and reserving space for an event can cost someone quite a bit of money.

If a couple cares about your nonprofit's mission, allow them to still incorporate philanthropy into their plans. As a nonprofit, you can have them ask guests to make a donation at the wedding. Ensure that your nonprofit can accept donations online to make donating easy and convenient for everyone.

In addition, Top Wedding Sites noted that some couples are opting to donate to a charity instead of purchasing party favors for guests. Tap into this trend and consider advertising this option as the wedding season approaches.

A birthday bash could mean more cash
Birthdays are another great opportunity to allow someone to fundraise for your nonprofit. In lieu of gifts, fundraiser might be interested in asking guests to donate to your nonprofit.

This is also a great way to expose yourself to a wider audience. When you allow people to raise money for their birthday, npENGAGE recommended encouraging the use of social media. Ask them to create a Facebook event or even have someone from your staff help them out. Then have them link to your nonprofit's page and share information about your organization.

Anniversaries are another great opportunity that you can advertise to your donors as a way to raise money for your cause. 

Remember, don't hesitate to communicate the idea of running a fundraising campaign at a personal event to your current donors and also advertise it to potential benefactors. Your nonprofit can tap into a high volume of additional donations by adapting to this particular trend. 

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