Increase donations with mobile fundraising

Mobile fundraising is one of the many ways nonprofits can reach more potential donors and capture their attention with their campaigns. There are many options for organizations to raise money with mobile fundraising.

However, utilizing mobile strategies can also be a great way to build upon a campaign and expand the breadth of the nonprofit's efforts. In addition to hosting a gala or auction, accepting donations online or starting a social media fundraising campaign, accepting mobile payments gives organizations a way to engage donors even more. But even as much as adding mobile payment options to a fundraising campaign helps, it also helps raise money spur of the moment.

The Nonprofit Technology Network points out that, with mobile payments, nonprofits can raise money at the drop of a hat. Oftentimes, the need for funds comes at inopportune times, and there isn't the time or money available to plan a big event for donors.

But with a quick and simple text-to-give campaign, coordinators are able to reach donors and potential givers in a matter of minutes or hours to ask for their support. There is an immediacy to mobile fundraising efforts that isn't found with other techniques. But the challenge is engaging donors enough with a texting campaign to keep them excited and involved in raising awareness for the cause.

Here are three easy and effective ways to encourage repeat donors with mobile campaigns:

1. Create the right message
Mobile fundraising is less about telling a story and more about influencing actions. There is a quickness and directness that needs to be included in each and every cellphone giving opportunity for donors.

People don't usually want to read a long story or follow a few different web pages to get to a donation screen. Instead, they are more interested in having an easy and fast giving process and moving on with their day. Make the message short, to the point, and easy for readers to digest.

2. Include social media
Make social media part of the online and mobile game to get more people interested and excited to give. The future of online fundraising includes the integration of social media into every campaign.

Many pieces of fundraising software will have social media features that allow you to write and schedule posts directly within the software. 

You can offer a way to share the news of a recent donation on a social media platform, giving people the opportunity to spread the word about the cause and show support for something they are passionate about.

3. Target individual emotions
While different generations have varying giving methods, each individual has his or her own opinion. No matter how much a nonprofit can segment an email campaign, it still may not reach people on a personal level.

However, with a texting campaign, organizations have the ability to communicate directly with each donor via their personal cellphone device. This leaves open the opportunity for people to interact with the nonprofit they care about, as well as share the news with others with the touch of a button on their phone screen.

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