Important details to remember when planning an online charity auction

An online charity auction is a great way to get donors and supporters involved as well as raise funds in an exciting way. There are many directions that nonprofits can take when planning an online charity event, but is important to have the fundamental details ironed out before the creative juices start flowing. An organized auction is the best way to go and this starts with understanding what the most important parts of the event are. Online auctions are different than in-person auctions for obvious reasons, but this means nonprofits need to have a special approach.

The Internet opens up a variety of options when planning charity auctions, and it's important to understand how people interact with each other on the Web. Knowing what donors want to partake in, how they will participate and what will make it fun can ensure success. Researching the right options will make all the difference in the long run and will ensure the fundraising efforts are not wasted. Here are four important details to include for online auctions:

1. A great team
Planning an online charity auction is not an easy task and Great Giving says it's best to not do it alone. Instead, put together a smart and collaborative group of people who are willing to make the auction a success. Assign different people varying roles and make sure they understand what their responsibilities are before planning anything.

2. The right auction items
The auction pieces have to catch people's attention and get participants excited in what they could potentially bid on. Showcase the items beforehand and let people plan a bidding approach. This will create fun atmosphere and great competition. Work with others in the group to come up with items and reach out to those in the nonprofit networking circle for the best options.

3. Quality payment processing
Not only will nonprofits need the best online payment solutions for auction transactions, but those who participate might want to also fill out a donation form and will need to do so seamlessly. The best payment solutions will allow for a fast, secure and effective donation.

4. Stellar marketing
Promote the auction and get donors, prospects and volunteers ramped up about the event. This will help increase website traffic, social media interaction and ultimately, donations. Create great graphics, start a content marketing schedule for the months leading up to the event and encourage everyone on social media to get involved.

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