iATS to display innovations at The Nonprofit Technology Conference

Silicon Valley plays host to this year's Nonprofit Technology Conference between March 23-25, giving nonprofits a chance to network and discover new technologies to help them with their missions. The conference will feature over 100 sessions and more than 2,000 nonprofit professionals discussing best practices, strategies and the tech involved in running an organization, according to the Nonprofit Technology Network, which will hold the event at the San Jose, California Convention Center.

iATS at the NTC
Members of the iATS Payments team will also be among the booths presenting their solutions at the conference. Kyle Chang and Mike Kim, partner account managers with iATS, and Jessica Sanchez, a marketing communications specialist for the company, will be on hand to discuss the future of online donations and their certified payment processing solutions. 

iATS exclusively works with nonprofits and plans to demonstrate how their business provides fraud protection to ensure nonprofits receive donations from across the world on time and without any delays or issues. 

What your nonprofit can learn
This year's NTC boasts a wide array of speakers discussing everything from nonprofit leadership strategies to how to handle a website redesign project. Nonprofit professionals can learn how to better reach donors and the public through social media, the ROI of proper content marketing and how to migrate their systems to the cloud.

Besides learning best practices from other professionals in the nonprofit sector, organizations will also get a chance to talk to tech companies about their products and how they could benefit their nonprofits.

Why attend the NTC?
Traveling to a conference isn't always cheap, but the ROI can be innumerable. As nonprofits become increasingly dependent on new technologies to forward their goals, attending an event like the NTC is vital.

Your organization can learn how tech can streamline your operations along with putting social media and your website to work for you as a marketing platform. Plus, the workshops and networking potential are abundant. A conference such as the NTC can teach you how nonprofits can change the world and help others by using new designs and approaches with the existing tech tools you have. It can also demonstrate how new cloud-based software can take the busy work off your hands so you can focus on moving your nonprofit forward. 

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