iATS​ Payments to attend International Fundraising Conference

The Association of Fundraising Professionals will be hosting the International Fundraising Conference from March 29 - 31 in Baltimore, Maryland. Professionals in the nonprofit industry who sign up will benefit from a number of speakers and exciting and topical educational sessions.

iATS Payments is thrilled to be participating in the conference again this year. iATS Payments will have a booth in the Marketplace and look forward to the opportunity to engage with the nearly 4,000 expected attendees. Your organization will not want to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

General session speakers
Well-known industry leaders are expected to speak at the conference, including Seth Godin, Whoopi Goldberg and Isabel Allende, according to AFP.

Godin is an expert in the world of marketing and an exceptionally successful entrepreneur. His insight can help you and find new ways to advertise your cause to potential donors and reach a wider audience, which may ultimately help you increase the volume of donations you receive.

Goldberg is a well-known comedienne and philanthropist. She has used her celebrity status to help raise public awareness about a number of causes.

"I fear waking up one morning and finding out that my life was for nothing," Goldberg stated. "We're here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark."

An author and activist, Allende is a passionate woman who uses her talents as a writer to inform readers about issues. In addition, Allende works closely with nonprofits near her home in California and understands the importance of protecting and empowering all women.

Educational opportunities
The International Fundraising Conference offers a number of fantastic sessions for nonprofits, according to AFP. There are 120 available educational opportunities. Featuring a plethora of topics ranging from motivating donors to ways you can improve your organization's current giving program. These sessions also range from novice to advanced levels of content.

Your nonprofit can benefit from the information available at this spring conference. For example, learn about new online developments and how they can help encourage donations and raise awareness for your cause.

It is especially important to develop an understanding of emerging technologies and nonprofit payment processing advancements. Take advantage of new resources to help your nonprofit grow and increase donations.

Registering for the conference
You can sign up for the event in Baltimore by visiting the registration site

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