iATS Payments monthly roundup

In case you missed the latest and greatest from the iATS Payments blog, we have a few options for light reading. This month we covered topics from simple yet creative fundraising tips to open source software and mobile donations. These topics are very important to us and play a big role in the future of nonprofit fundraising. As the blog seeks to research and cover new and exciting topics, we want to make sure you don't miss our favorite posts of last month. Take a look:

4 creative ways to attract new donors
If nonprofit organizations are going to invest their time and money into online payment processing systems, they will need to have a smart and original strategy to attract potential donors to the website. This starts with brainstorming and collaboration and goes into how timing is everything and new ideas trounce worn-out ones every time.

Increase donations with mobile fundraising
Part of getting people to donate money on the Internet is engaging them on their mobile phones. Doing so involves an easy and stress-free strategy of creating the proper message, utilizing social media and reaching to the emotional core of the organization to show people exactly where their hard-earned money goes. Because mobile fundraising is rapidly becoming the norm, it's important to make sure each strategy fits the individual needs of the organization

Simple tips to formulate a strong fundraising campaign
Getting people to give their time and resources to a nonprofit is never easy, but instead of complicating the campaign too much, it may just be easy to make the simple appeal and develop a relationship with people. In addition to planning thoroughly and understanding the campaign climate, it is also essential for nonprofits to understand what the audience wants to hear and following through on any and all plans made, including formal and informal fundraising parties or social media campaigns.

We hope you liked our monthly roundup and are excited to get the ball rolling on the next campaign. These three articles embody the diversity and fundamental fundraising tactics needed to excel in this day and age. While more tools and options are available to raise awareness for a cause, it is often the simplicity and creativity that sets many organizations apart from the others and forces people to see how they can truly make a difference in their world.

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