How to use technology to increase donations

As people conduct more business on the Internet, nonprofits need to embrace technology. This can be a daunting prospect for charity leaders, according to The Nonprofit Times. Technology is constantly changing and mistakes can be more costly. However, online donation services are becoming more popular, and nonprofits that do not adapt may be missing the opportunity to gain new donors.

Implementing technology for payment solutions, marketing, fundraising and donor engagement requires planning for success. Nonprofit leaders need to adapt to change instead of fearing technological advancements, said. If particular fundraising and engagement strategies are functioning well, charities may keep doing the same thing, but this will not help them increase donations or expand awareness. Donors are more likely to make repeat gifts if the nonprofit switches up auctions, galas and fundraising events to stay fresh. Technology offers organizations new channels to reach out to individuals and maintain variety.

The nonprofit's mission statement should guide decisions about technology, according to The Nonprofit Times. Although technology can expand awareness, the organization needs to stay true to its mission. Any technology system adoptions should be efficient so teams can get work done without programs crashing. A marketing campaign conducted over social media on the nonprofit's website should be constantly monitored for effectiveness. Nonprofit leaders need to assess their capabilities and needs before jumping into a new strategy. 

With the rise of Internet marketing, nonprofits have a valuable tool to boost awareness of their causes, but it's important to use technology effectively to engage donors. Nonprofits need fundraising revenue to survive, and online channels can help organizations promote a cause and ways individuals can get involved.

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