How to use technology to improve nonprofit marketing

Nonprofits operate differently from corporations, but when it comes to maximizing donations, using technology can help charities improve marketing and meet goals, according to Technology Digital.

Charities that accept online donations are able to improve fundraising efforts and reach a wider audience. Giving people new ways to donate makes it easier for them to contribute to causes they care about. In addition to enabling people to give from anywhere, nonprofits that utilize technology can improve communication with donors, employees and partners. Social media can help charities connect with a wider audience of prospective donors. Using social platforms or sending out a regular newsletter can help nonprofits ensure donors remember the organization. Charities can promote donations frequently with social media and include links to the online donation form on the website in posts to make it easy for people to contribute.

Technology supports nonprofit marketing efforts
Although charities have different objectives than businesses, they need to maximize donations in order to stay in business. Taking cues from for-profit entities for digital marketing efforts can help nonprofits improve fundraising. Technology is constantly changing, and charity employees may feel like they are always trying to keep up, The Nonprofit Quarterly stated. 

"We are living in an increasingly noisy world and are bombarded with messages," said Sarah Durham, principal and founder Big Duck, a nonprofit communications firm, according to The Nonprofit Quarterly. "All nonprofits need to be part of this communications stream. Because few nonprofits have the staff or communications capacity to negotiate all possible channels, nonprofits need to have a simple approach to communications across all media."

Online marketing can help charities keep branding consistent. Any communication - whether it is online or in print - should convey the same message about what the organization does while expressing personality. Like big companies, nonprofit managers often think they need to keep up with other organizations and may dedicate financial resources or staff members to new online marketing techniques, such as social media, to maintain a presence. However, unless a strategy is in place, this may not be an effective way to maximize donations and awareness. 

Organizations need to focus on creating a strong brand and diverging from the crowd, as these tactics will make the foundation receive more attention. Online communications can boost awareness and help charities gain more donations through online channels, but online marketing needs to be used effectively. 

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