How to use data to improve online donations

Data analysis is something that all organizations are slowly but surely coming to understand. Recognizing the need for data to make donor experiences more enjoyable and impactful is key. It's a good idea to take a closer look at how data can reveal information about how a nonprofit functions and how it can improve fundraising efforts. Garnering online donations and raising money for charity isn't always easy, but data can make it much simpler.

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide states organizations should see how they impact their surrounding community. The source explains there are essentially three different types of donors: traditional givers, engaged supporters and strategic donors. They are integral to the funding process, yet require different fundraising approaches. Traditional donors are willing to give because of their personal support and relationships developed through the cause. Engaged ones are interested, but don't give as much money for one reason or another. Strategic supporters have a much deeper understanding of how the organization works and support the impact and infrastructure of the nonprofit.

In order to provide better experiences for each type of giver, organizations can turn to data analytics. Doing so can allow for a more engaged group of supporters and increase the amount of online donation requests being filled out. The NonProfit Times says data management can lead to better analytics processes and can help initiatives aimed at creating relationships with supporters and performing research on those giving to the organization. This will not only help provide more opportunities for current donors, but it will attract more potential givers and get them interested in the cause.

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