How to turn yearly donations into monthly donations

Engaging donors on a consistent basis is a great way to get people truly involved in what a nonprofit has to offer and what it is trying to accomplish in the community. So many gift-givers send in donations once a year and don't interact with the organization in any other way. However much organizations appreciate the yearly giving method, monthly support is how nonprofits are able to garner more funds to support cause initiatives.

The NonProfit Times pointed out that monthly giving raises more money over the long run and increases donor engagement, but it's not easy to encourage yearly givers to simply make the switch. Nonprofits have to plan a strategic approach, understand their donor base and be ready and provide evidence of higher performance due to monthly gifts. Here are four additional ways that charitable organizations can encourage monthly donations:

1. Clear the way
Fundraising 123 stated that if nonprofits want to encourage more donations, they need to make the process easier. This means utilizing the online realm and offering people the opportunity to fill out an online donation request in a fast and easy way and let them proceed about their day.

2. Have a consistent message
Nonprofits should think about branding as well because donors and prospects want to know what type of organization they are working with. Developing a consistent message and clear, concise initiatives will help communicate the cause and the goal those working to support it.

3. Make it a smart choice
While people want to make sure they are supporting a worthy cause, they also want to make sure the decision to provide monthly funds is a smart one on all fronts. It has to make sense for them to do so in the long run and work well with their personal lifestyle. Nonprofits can phrase their request according to what their donor base will listen to and how they will respond.

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